PUBG Mobile: Does It Has Some Alternatives?

In the current gaming industry, there are a lot of battle royale games released every year, and it is not an easy task to find the best one. PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games that you can download on your Android device. 

PUBG Mobile: Some Information

PUBG Mobile is PUBG's mobile version that has been optimized for the smaller screens on smartphones and tablets. The gameplay is exactly like the PC and console versions and it's been widely accepted as PUBG's best mobile game yet.

PUBG Mobile is a third-person shooter game similar to Fortnite and it has a lot of another alternatives. 

The PUBG Mobile game isn’t as good as the PC and console versions. The graphics are a bit lacking and the game also has technical problems. However, it is a fun game to play and you can play it with other players around you.

PUBG: Alternatives

There are a lot of game wich are very similar to PUBG Mobile. Some of them also have a mode called “ Battle Royale”. You can play these game with your friends. You can also play the game against other players on a PC. So, let`s look at them! 


Fortnite is the most popular game of the year with over 200 million players worldwide. It's available on Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Fortnite is a very popular third-person shooter game that’s available on the Google Play Store. The game is also available as a free-to-play title and it has in-app purchases.

The game is available on Android phones and tablets. The game also has a mobile-exclusive mode called “Fortnite Battle Royale”. The game is also available on Mac and Windows PCs.

The game has several game modes. You can play the campaign story mode or the Fortnite Battle Royale mode. The game also has an online co-op mode and a “Save the World” mode. This game mode allows you to team up with other players to fight against zombies and other monsters.

There are over 70 characters in the game. You can play as a male or female character and you can customize their appearance. You can also build structures in the game. This is one of the game’s unique mechanics.

The game has in-app purchases. However, you can play the game without making any purchases. The game also has an online multiplayer mode. You can play with up to four other players in the game’s online multiplayer mode.

The game has a cartoonish art style. The game’s graphics are very colorful and they make the game more fun to play. The game is also very fun to play. The game is compatible with Android devices running Android 5.0 and higher.

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival was the first battle royale game to hit Android and the game quickly became the most popular. There isn't a strong story or campaign, it's just the battle royale mode.

Rules of Survival is a new mobile game developed by NetEase Games, released on December 12th, 2017. The game was designed by one of the creators of the popular Battle Royale game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Rules of Survival is a free-to-play game, with in-app purchases. The game features a realistic military-style shooter gameplay, with different game modes such as Battle Royale, Solo, Duo, Squad, and Coop. The game has a very good graphics and smooth gameplay.

Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is a free-to-play first person shooter game on Android and iOS. With a need for speed and a dependence on tactics, this game is a refreshing take on the shooter genre. In Free Fire, players will need to connect with all their gaming senses for the best chance of survival.

Garena Free Fire is a game that uses location-based matchmaking for its matches. The game is unique in that it allows you to choose your favorite location and play matches against other players in the same area.

This game is that it uses your location as a matchmaking filter. This is done automatically and you don’t have to worry about downloading maps or anything. You just have to start the game and it will automatically match you with other players around you.

The game is free-to-play. However, you can make in-game purchases if you want to upgrade your weapons and other items. It’s up to you, though.

The game has a simple gameplay. You need to scavenge for guns and ammunition while running and gunning down other players. At the end of each game, you get to rank up and get new rewards.

Survival Arena

Survival Arena is a battle royale game that features a variety of weapons and attachments. The graphics are similar to Fortnite and the gameplay is similar to PUBG Mobile. 

There are two game modes: 

  • Regular Mode: The game starts with players being dropped in the arena from a ship. They will have to look for weapons and ammo as the game progresses. The last player or team standing wins the round. 
  • Battle Royale Mode: The game starts with players being dropped in the arena from a plane. They will have to look for weapons, ammo and items as the game progresses. The last player or team standing wins the round. 

There are also a variety of unique features in Survival Arena that can help you to survive: 

  • Weapon: The game features a variety of weapons such as pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, melee weapons, and more than 10 attachments such as silencers, scopes and flashlights. There are also pickaxes, shovels, and other items that can help you to survive. 
  • Clothing: You can find clothing from head to toe. There are hats, vests, backpacks, boots and more. You can find clothing that can protect you from freezing, burning, bleeding and more. You can also find clothing that can give you extra strength, speed, accuracy and other useful features. 
  • Blocks: The game features various building blocks that you can use to build a fort or a house. These blocks can protect you from bullets and can also be used to jump from higher floors. 
  • Traps: The game features explosive traps that you can place on your windows, doors or almost anywhere on the map. 
  • Vehicles: There are vehicles in the game that you can use to get to a safer place or to escape from your enemies.

Have Fun and Play Shooters! 

Playing mobile shooters with your friends is a lot of fun. These games are also a good way to kill time. If you’re looking for a good game that you can play with random people, you should try PUBG Mobile or its alternatives. 

Do you have any favorite shooter games? Which one is your favorite?